Venetian Glass Bead Trunk Show

Venetian Earring 1

Simply Beadiful Brings you a bit of Venice

Thursday, October 9 – Tuesday, October 25, 2014 (Extended through this Saturday)

Venetian glass artisans have been influencing bead makers since the mid fourteenth century and beads made in Venice and the Island of Murano are among the most recognized and collected in the world.

Venetian Earring 2Accept no imitations! All beads from Venice are made using the centuries-old process of hand forming a single glass bead on a copper wire and then dissolving the wire out of the bead using nitric acid. This leaves the bead hole crystal clean all the way through. Many “imitation” Venetian beads are mass produced (in places like China and India) with several beads formed on a single steel mandrel that has been coated with a liquid releasing agent. When the beads are later slid off the mandrel, the hole is coated with white powder remnants of the releasing agent. This is a sure fire way to tell the beads are not authentic Venetian beads.

Garden Life Trunk Show

Gardanne Maple leaves

Garden Life Trunk Show – Artisan Enameled and Lampwork beads by Anne Lichtenstein

GardanneIvyLeafOctober 15th-November 1st, 2014

Anne’s popular pieces will be back at Simply Beadiful again this fall.  Be sure to check out what’s new and maybe even make yourself a new pair of fall earrings!

Many of Anne’s enameled pieces are sold uniquely in pairs so most of the matching is already done for you.  Pair these pieces up with some Shibori or Leather and what a great Fall piece you’ll have!

Scalloped Super Duo Necklace by Eileen

Scalloped Super Duo Necklace by Eileen

Scalloped Super Duo Necklace by Eileen – Advanced Beginner

Saturday, October 25, 2014 10:30

Delicate and lacy.  That’s how I would describe Eileen’s newest beaded necklace design featuring Super Duo beads.  Bring your Big Eye or Tulip needle and be prepared to learn the secret technique to this necklace.

Class Fee $35

Approximate Materials Fee $14


Taiphiter Bracelet by Rae Burns

Taiphiter Bracelet by Rae Burns (Advanced Beginner)
Please see store for sample of class item.

October 30, 2014 5:45p.m. (Just 2 spaces left)

Combine our new Pellet bead with the fun O-beads, add some pearls or rounds and this piece makes a great bracelet to add to your beaded jewelry collection.  It is preferable that you have some bead stitching experience to make this bracelet.

Class and Materials $30

Beads only kits with instructions available after class $24

Olympus Chain Mail

Olympus Chain Mail

Olympus Chain Mail by Sue Ripsch (Advanced Beginer)

Thursday, November 6th, 5:45p.m.

This piece that I wear all the time gets constant compliments.  In class you will make a bracelet size version, but if there are any requests, I will be sure to have enough rings for you to keep going for the longer chain version.  Call me if you are interested in Sterling Silver for your project and I can price that out for you.

All in One Class Fee and Materials (for bracelet size) $45 Silver Filled
If you are interested in making the necklace version, just let me know and I’ll order in enough rings for the length you would like to make.