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2018 Kumihimo Challenge 1,2,3 Kit



Product Description

2018 Kumihimo Challenge 1,2,3 Kit
(Saturday, January 13th is the cut off date for ordering your kit to be included in this challenge.)

This project might be more of a “challenge” to some of you that have never ventured past an 8-warp kumi braid.  This project features my version of a multi warp braid.  There are other versions out there, but I really like the results that this one give you.  This project will also feature 3 parts to kit.

Kit will include cord and findings for all 3 parts to the challenge.  Beads will be supplies as well for the first 2 parts of the challenge.  You will need to supply the following to do this challenge:  more than 8 bobbins but less than 16 (bead stoppers can also be used), a newer disk with tight slots, a weight  (helped me slightly on this project), beads for part 3 of the challenge, scissors, bead mat, ruler, chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutters, and magnifying glasses.  I will tell you that these are not tiny beads – they are average in size and a Big Eye needle will also be provided in your kit.

The kits will be available in two different color ways:  Classic Glacial or Dark Jewel.


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Color Way with Shipping

Classic Glacial, Dark Jewel